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What Type of Sports Bettor Are You?

Professional sports are extremely entertaining, and putting a little action on the game is a popular way to make them even more stimulating. Not all bettors are alike, however. It’s important to identify your goals as you place your wagers, both for your own enjoyment as well as your bankroll’s benefit. In this post I’ll […]

Live Blackjack: Intermediate Tips and Strategy

In my last post, I gave an introduction to playing blackjack at the casino, with some basic tips on how to avoid being ego driven and focus on making the best decisions for your bankroll. It’s one thing to read an article about blackjack strategy and memorize a chart, but when you step into a […]

Blackjack for Beginners: Be Attentive and Stow Away the Ego

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in live casinos, and much of this has to do with ego. Many casino-goers feel as though they are above the games of pure chance like slot machines, but the most complex ones such as craps look mysterious and intimidating. Because of this, they choose blackjack, a […]

Breaking Through in Poker: How I Did It

In my last post, I went over some of the common mistakes in bankroll building that held me back for a while. Well, this story has somewhat of a happy ending, and today I’ll share a little about how I made the jump from first-deposit bonus grinder struggling to survive to a confident player focused […]

Avoid the Wrong Mindset When Building a Bankroll

I’ve shared a bit of background on my own poker bankroll growth in a previous post here on Bankroll, but I thought today I’d highlight a couple big mistakes in my thought process when I was just getting started. I feel that these mistakes are common and that this discussion can benefit a lot […]

Low Variance Games – Are They Required?

In a strategy video for Full Tilt Poker posted recently, poker pro Phil Gordon argues that mixing in some low variance games is crucial for your bankroll growth and development as a player. Is this sound advice? High and Low Variance Games First, I’ll recap a little bit of what we mean when we use […]

How to Spot the Sucker Games at the Casino

It’s easy to get distracted by the all bright lights and different games at the casino. And you can bet your whole bankroll on the fact that they’ll never give you any hints as to their house edge. How, then, is it possible to spot those sucker bets that will quickly separate you from your […]

How I Grew My Bankroll by Enjoying Myself

When you’re getting started with poker, it’s inevitable you’ll ask someone the question “what’s the quickest way to build a bankroll?” I know I did. This same thing pops up on forums and message boards every single week, and you could put fill many volumes with opinions and theory on the matter. The answer is […]

Table Select to Grow Your Poker Bankroll, Part Two

In my last post, I described how smart table selection can significantly grow your poker bankroll. Online poker sites offer a wealth of stats for each table and also allow you to sit in and observe the play, so there is really no excuse for not doing your homework as it will greatly increase your […]