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Casino Poker Part Two – Bankroll Considerations

In my last post I outlined a few of the basic issues you’ll grapple with when you move from online to casino poker.  Today, I’ll continue the discussion and go more into the adjustments you’ll need to make with respect to your bankroll management philosophy. Although it’s still poker and the rules are exactly the […]

Moving From Online to Casino Poker

As a result of poker’s explosive growth in popularity in recent years, casinos typically make it one of their most prominent attractions. The hands dealt by a real dealer, however, accompanied by distractions such as pretty girls and free drinks, are of a completely different world than online games. It takes a different approach to […]

Don’t Let Bad Beats and Bad Players Drag You Down

Anyone serious about building his or her bankroll should take the time to get to know the name Ed Miller. Ed’s a very smart guy: he holds degrees in physics and electrical engineering, has worked as a software developer for Microsoft, but most importantly, he’s a shark at the casino. He is a frequent contributor […]

Why Limit Holdem Is My Favorite Form of Poker

Texas hold’em is by far the most popular form of poker in both brick and mortar and online casinos, but just about everyone is talking about No Limit. While I do agree that it’s very exciting, I personally prefer limit poker as my everyday game. Today I’m going to elaborate a little on what draws […]

A Few Thoughts on Playing Craps

In all of my time playing casino games, craps has always been the most intriguing for me. It is a game with a multitude of different bets that aren’t really explained on the table, and the game moves at such a rapid pace that it can be hard to keep up. Moreover, there’s a certain […]

Help Yourself Out by Starting a New Table

I briefly discussed this strategy a little while back in a poker table selection blog post, but it’s been so successful for me lately that I just have to cover it in a more detail. I’m talking about starting a new table when playing online cash games, and this seemingly inconsequential strategy has singlehandedly lead […]

Mixing Up My Game With No Limit Tournaments

Playing one poker game exclusively, no matter how much you enjoy it, can be detrimental for certain players. After repeated marathon sessions of any particular variety, many of us are prone to restlessness, boredom and overall less than optimal play, which spells trouble for your bankroll. On the other hand, if you mix in another […]

What Are the Most Beatable Casino Games?

The idea of becoming a professional gambler is an alluring one, and countless players dream of abandoning their day job and grinding casino games for a living. But most of these players also know that all games aren’t created equal, and that they can’t do so for everything. You’ve probably never heard of a professional […]