Best Alternatives to Holdem Poker (And Why to Branch Out Your Game)

If you’re a poker player, it’s usually a safe assumption that your game of choice is No Limit Texas Holdem. After all, it gets practically all the TV exposure and can be found in casinos in all parts of the globe. It’s even been dubbed the “Cadillac” of Poker, and top poker professionals attest to […]

MLB Season Offers Wealth of Betting Possibilities

Today marks one of the most exciting days on the sports calendar: MLB Opening Day. Baseball betting is extremely popular among casual bettors hoping to spice up the games as well as serious handicappers chasing huge profits over the course of the season. No matter what your motivations, you can greatly benefit by studying some […]

A Look At Amazing Underdog VCU’s NCAA Tournament Run

If you’re into college basketball betting or simply enjoy watching the games, you’ve undoubtedly been following the Final Four run of Virginia Commonwealth. But just how improbable has it been? So much so that it should have ended before it started, in fact. The VCU Rams had lost the final of their conference tournament to […]

Mentally Separating Chips From Real Money at the Poker Table

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to play ring game poker where the chips functioned simply as units, without the strong link to real money that affects us every time we play. If our only goal is to collect as many chips as possible, instead of winning fifty or a hundred dollars, it’s […]

Breaking Your Casino Play into Sessions

Whether you’re visiting Vegas or just a local small-town casino, you always want to get the most out of your money. And this is exactly what we teach you here at But while it’s easy to come up with a plan for managing your casino bankroll before the fact, once you step inside the […]

Should a Beginner Poker Player Multi-table?

One question I often hear being discussed is whether a poker beginner should play multiple players or just focus on one until he or she gets more experience. First of all, I want to make a distinction between a moderate amount of tables (2-4) and mass multi-tabling with significantly more. I know people who play […]

My Picks for a First Round NCAA Bracket Upset

As we’re all filling out our NCAA Tournament brackets in the days leading up to the beginning of March Madness, it’s natural to wonder about the best picks for a major upset. After all, it’s no fun picking all of the favorites to advance to the later rounds; the thrill and magic of the tournament […]

Falling in Love With Great Starting Hands

When you’re a disciplined poker player, it’s sometimes a little frustrating to keep folding hand after hand waiting for a premium starting holding. Because of this, when we look down and see a wired big pair or Ace-King suited, we jump right in with an air of excitement. Finally we get to play! While it’s […]

What to Do if the Casino Makes a Mistake

Casinos do all they can to give players the best possible experience, but machines aren’t perfect and staff members are still human, so it’s likely that you’ll eventually run into a situation where something goes wrong. When this happens, how should you react? First, be sure to take action and let the casino know if […]

Dealing with a Downswing in Poker

No matter how much we study the game and strive to make the right decisions, you are going to encounter downswings in poker. Variance is simply part of the game and if you play long enough, you’ll inevitably come across some extra-long downswings that will really test your patience. What starts as just an unlucky […]