Don’t Doom Yourself Before You Start By Depositing Too Little

Today I’m going to discuss something that can be an Achilles’ heel for many online players who are just starting out. It is most common among poker players, but can also occur with casino games and even sports betting. I’m talking about making too small of a deposit to start out with which leads to poor bankroll management and often devastating results. Most of the time it’s recreational players who get into this mindset; they might say something like “Oh well. It’s such a small amount of money so I can easily deposit again without breaking the bank.” This is not good thinking at all. You don’t have to be a professional to warrant a more disciplined depositing strategy; in fact, there is never going to be a time where depositing the minimum amount can be justified.

There are quite a few reasons why players might be tempted to make a small initial deposit, and I’ve seen tons of beginning players it. Since it is a very minor investment, it seems like there is less risk involved. They might be testing the waters to see if it looks like they will be winners before depositing a larger amount. They might even think that short stacking will make them more aggressive which will somehow tip the scales in their favor.

Instead of being an advantage, depositing too little means that you will be playing at a disadvantage right from the get-go, as our bankroll guidelines indicate. Even if you are playing very small stakes like 5 NL, the 20-buy-in suggestion means that you should have a minimum of $100 in your bankroll to start. Any strategy that takes you out of standard bankroll advice will put you at the mercy of lady luck. Many of these small depositors quickly become entangled in a repeating circle of busting out and re-depositing while they continue to try to justify why their approach is right. A player who is depositing $50 can very quickly blow through that amount four or five times; a friend of mine did this in the span of two days! If, on the other hand, he had done it all at once with a reasonable $200 deposit, he would have a much better chance of success because he would have been properly bankrolled.

Plus, even more importantly, depositing such a small amount means that you miss out on the extremely lucrative first deposit bonuses that are offered by just about every casino and online poker room. They usually let you unlock a 100% bonus up to $500 or $600, meaning you can double your deposit money. (A couple of the best bonuses are Full Tilt and Poker Stars.) While not every player will be able to afford $600, buying in for just $50 is simply a huge waste of money. You’ll never get the first-deposit offer again, so you must be sure to use it wisely. Buying in with a small deposit is a surefire way to make sure you don’t get full value from your play.

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