Six Tips to Build your Bankroll

Poker is a game and your bankroll is your energy bar.  If it ever runs out, you lose.  Most online poker players start with bankrolls that are dangerously low.  Proper bankroll management usually isn’t an option because these players just don’t have enough money in their accounts.  If you’re one of these players, here are some tips you can use to build your bankroll to a respectable level.

Play Freerolls

You can’t lose any money if you’re not spending any.  Experienced players usually avoid freerolls because they’re time consuming and the rewards are usually small.  But new players can use freerolls to practice their craft, gain experience and maybe pad their bankrolls a little.

Bonus Hunt

Almost all online poker rooms will offer you some sort of first-time deposit bonus, and many offer a small no deposit bonus.  Most of the first deposit bonuses will double your money and some will even give you more than that.  You’ll have to commit to playing poker on a consistent basis in order to clear the bonus, but you’ll end up with a solid bankroll when you’re done.

Use Proper Table Selection

You win more money when you play against bad players so it makes sense find these guys.  Online poker rooms give you all the information you need to choose loose tables.  Generally you just need to know the average percentage of players that see the flop and the average pot size.  These two statistics will let you know how loose the players are.

Stalk The Fish

What did you think your buddy list was for?  Friends?  Buddy lists are good for one thing only – stalking fish.  Any time you find a player that plays exceptionally poorly, add that person to your buddy list.  Soon you’ll be stalking dozens of players.  All you have to do is check your “Buddy List” when you log on to see where the fish are swimming.  Then you can sit down at their table and suck up all their chips.

Make Notes

Make notes on people you play against.  All online poker programs have some way to attach notes to the players you encounter.  Any time an opponent makes an unusual play, make a note of it.  Not only will this help you get a good read on other players at the site, it will also make you a more observant poker player.

Work On Your Game

You’re doing that right now.  You’re reading the articles on this site and improving your poker knowledge.  Take at least one day a week to read up on poker theory and strategy.  If you have software like PokerTracker, take a few hours and analyze your stats to find leaks in your game.

Don’t neglect your bankroll.  Even the best poker player can’t play their best when they’re worried about going broke.  Make sure you give yourself every advantage when you first start playing by making the most of your first-time deposit bonus (or free poker bankroll if you’re lucky) and hunting down the bad players at your site.

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