What to Do if the Casino Makes a Mistake

Casinos do all they can to give players the best possible experience, but machines aren’t perfect and staff members are still human, so it’s likely that you’ll eventually run into a situation where something goes wrong. When this happens, how should you react?

First, be sure to take action and let the casino know if something has transpired that is unfair to you. If there has been a mistake in the play of a hand of blackjack or you receive an incorrect payout in roulette, for example, bring it up right away before the next hand begins. If it is a simple error, the dealer may immediately recognize it and apologize. You should understand that after many hours sitting at a table doling out cards and collecting bets, it is quite easy to slip up once or twice.

It’s also possible that the dealer will call over the pit boss or another floor person to listen what you have to say. Keep things civil and you’ll find that the casino will often side with you in a dispute, since they do not want to risk the bad publicity that comes with unhappy players. If a problem occurs at a machine such as slots or video poker, don’t walk away to seek help, stay seated and call a casino staff person over. That way you will be sure that you keep your spot and you have the best chance of demonstrating that an error has been made. Overall, strive to be clear, nice and understanding in your description of the casino’s mistake, and it’s likely the house will fix it for you.

The other side of the coin is interesting as well: what should you do if the casino makes a mistake that benefits you? What if a dealer gives you extra chips or mistakenly declares you a winner? Ethically, you may have a preconceived notion on what you “should” do, but in my opinion, you’re better off keeping your mouth shut. First, if the roles were reversed and you mistakenly placed a bigger bet than intended, for example, the casino wouldn’t give you your money back. Why should you give it back to them when they make an error? Also, such a mistake will often lead to a big production involving several casino staff members including a dealer who may feel embarrassed or be disciplined. Typically, all parties involved would be better off if it was simply forgotten. If you can’t live with yourself for raking in an unearned profit or if you think it will affect your play, however, then do bring it up.



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