What Type of Sports Bettor Are You?

Professional sports are extremely entertaining, and putting a little action on the game is a popular way to make them even more stimulating. Not all bettors are alike, however. It’s important to identify your goals as you place your wagers, both for your own enjoyment as well as your bankroll’s benefit. In this post I’ll break down a couple categories of player and the rough sports betting bankroll guidelines he or she should follow. As you’ll see, these differ greatly depending on your objectives.

The Casual Sports Bettor

Many sports fans are betting for pure entertainment value. They like to wager on their favorite teams and make the big game seem even more important. They like to rely on hunches and gut feelings and they rarely analyze the point spreads or payouts.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this perspective, as long as you recognize that you’re almost guaranteed to lose money in the long run. Contrary to what you might think, however, this does not mean that you don’t have to adhere to bankroll management.

Just as with every game, the casual sports bettor needs to put aside a set amount of money, either by week, month or year depending on the amount of games they bet on, and only gamble with that. This bankroll should be large enough so that it can support the total number of bets you wish to make assuming that you lose every one. It’s really as simple as that. Since your bankroll fluctuations are mostly up to random chance, you’ll have very good months and some where you lose just about everything. Because of this, don’t suddenly raise the stakes simply because you’ve won a few in a row; the bad times will come. Keeping a separate sports betting bankroll allows you to bet without worrying, and you’ll never have to dip into another source of funding to cover any losses. This makes things much more enjoyable.

The Serious Handicapper

In stark contrast to the casual sports bettor is the serious sports handicapper. These bettors carefully examine all of the lines offered by the casino and look for an edge wherever it can be found. They hold no loyalty to a particular team or even a particular sport. They know that over the long run, hundreds of games, the slightest of edges will show a profit.

Because the serious handicapper puts in such high volume wagering, he or she needs much stricter bankroll management. As stated in our sports betting bankroll articles, serious bettors should never wager more than 2% of their total bankroll in one game, because they are betting on so many games.

But even more importantly, in order to become a serious handicapper you must make a significant investment in acquiring information. You need to be wise to all the news, inside reports and rumors relating to the sports you are betting. For these individuals, it’s nothing at all like watching the game with your buddies.

Somewhere in the Middle

These two examples are somewhat extreme, many sports bettors lie somewhere in the middle. If you put at least some energy into researching the lines, you can certainly show a profit. But regardless of your seriousness, it’s crucial to remember the basics of bankroll management.

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