A Few Thoughts on Playing Craps

In all of my time playing casino games, craps has always been the most intriguing for me. It is a game with a multitude of different bets that aren’t really explained on the table, and the game moves at such a rapid pace that it can be hard to keep up. Moreover, there’s a certain camaraderie among the players that isn’t quite the same anywhere else in the casino: everyone is rooting for the shooter and yelling and shouting encouragement. It’s quite an exciting environment, in stark contrast to a game like poker where players are directly competing against each other, or even blackjack where it’s common to see someone chastising the guy next to him for incorrectly hitting and taking away the card that should have been his.

Trying to learn the game right on the casino floor can be very difficult, but the funny thing is that the game is much less intimidating as it looks if you take the time to learn it. Yet, the majority of the players I’ve seen aren’t willing to do this for whatever reason, and consequently they remain set in some of the popular craps myths. There’s something about such an elaborate looking game that makes it seem like there must be an equally elaborate strategy, and many talk about complicated systems that guarantee big long-term profits and could even lead to a career playing professional craps. Most often, these systems are worthless, and since craps is a dice game with set probabilities, there’s no way for skillful play to take over as is the case with a game like blackjack.

That said, there are obviously smarter bets that carry a very small house edge (which you can read about in our craps bankroll management guide) but the way some people talk about it, the game sounds like a battle of skill between you and the house. This isn’t the case at all, and no matter what you do, the odds will remain against you. To make things even worse, many beginning players seem to think that their changes will improve if they make a wide variety of bets, so they start making the center prop bets which carry massive house edges. Also, some players seem to worry that they’ll upset the other players or disrupt the collective spirit if they show any hesitation, so they hastily place their wagers and make even more mistakes.

Although unfortunately you won’t be able to quit your day job to play craps full-time, there are still ways you can show a profit. A smart player knows he or she must take advantage of casino signup bonuses and comps and casino VIP programs. And as long as you stay disciplined and employ optimal craps strategy, you’ll end up a winner.

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