Are Blackjack Tournaments Worth It?

Everyone knows about the popularity of poker tournaments these days, but what about blackjack? The game’s opportunity for skillful play combined with its very simple rules makes it a very popular choice in the casino, and many players naturally want to add to the excitement by playing it in tournament format.

While in theory it is a good proposition, the only problem is the fact that blackjack tournaments are fairly difficult to find compared to the alternatives. Despite several TV shows including Celebrity Blackjack and The World Series of Blackjack, the game just has not caught on in a manner at all comparable to the poker boom. As a result, casinos are often worried that the interest level won’t make it a profitable investment. In order to set up a blackjack tournament, the casino must devote a large space to the event. You often actually see them opt for slots tournaments instead, since all that requires is temporarily shutting down one bank of slots, of which the casino typically has hundreds.

But despite this, tournaments can be both very fun and profitable. Just understand that you might have to do a bit of hunting before finding one. And even when you do, it’s not quite time to sign up until you take a look at a few different factors that will help determine if it’s a worthwhile blackjack tournament.

What to Do Before Entering a Blackjack Tournament

Investigate the Prizes

See what the casino is offering to the players. Find out how many players are going to be in the tournament and multiply that number by the entry fee to see what percentage of that pool is being returned to the players. They will also sometimes offer a free tournament just to get people into the casino. In that case, see what they are offering for prizes (they will certainly be smaller) and think about whether that is enough to warrant your time.

Look at the Specific Rules

Since you’re playing against other players and not just the house, the table rules don’t matter as much as they do when you’re playing a regular blackjack game. Instead, you should find out how many chips players will receive, whether they play against only their table or all players, and how many total rounds there are.  This will greatly affect your optimal blackjack strategy as some formats will reward riskier play in the beginning while others make it most advantageous to play it safe early and wait to shift gears later on.

No matter what the details, blackjack tournaments are a lot of fun, and they can be a great change of pace from your regular games. Plus, in a regular blackjack game against the house, you don’t get the chance to outmaneuver the other players at the table. With tournaments , it’s game on!

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