What Are the Most Beatable Casino Games?

The idea of becoming a professional gambler is an alluring one, and countless players dream of abandoning their day job and grinding casino games for a living. But most of these players also know that all games aren’t created equal, and that they can’t do so for everything. You’ve probably never heard of a professional Caribbean Stud player, for example, and for good reason: it simply can’t be beaten in the long run. On the other hand, we’re constantly exposed to the stories of poker players who win millions of dollars on the professional circuit. So what games are the most beatable over the long run? Here is a list of your “best bets.”


Poker is your best bet for long-term profitability. This is primarily due to the fact that you are not playing against the house, but rather against other players. Of course, the house still takes a rake out of each pot, but a highly skilled player can more than make up for this small disadvantage. With the wild popularity of poker, it is the most realistic one to seriously think about playing for real profits, although it will take a great deal of hard work to get up to that level.


Another game that comes up in discussions of long-term beatability is blackjack, since players make skillful decisions once the cards are dealt that will greatly affect their expectation. With perfect strategy and a favorable combination of table rules, the player can indeed find that the advantage is in his favor. The best thing to do is to start memorizing basic blackjack strategy and concentrate on table selection, familiarizing yourself with the myriad of different rules that affect the odds.

Sports Betting

Since sports betting lines change based on the action other bettors are giving, a player with superior sports knowledge can have a huge edge. Professional sports bettors are an interesting breed, as they must abandon all loyalty to any particular teams and hunt down edges wherever they may be, which doesn’t always correspond to the popular games. Specializing in a particular sport or league is a great way to get started with sports betting, because it takes a great deal of knowledge to be successful.

Video Poker

Finally, while most slot machines are one of your worst bets in the casino, some varieties of video poker will actually give you the long-term edge over the house. In order to find these, however, you need to memorize video poker charts that tell you the combinations that give you the best expectation. You also must learn the different payouts offered by different varieties, as they will vary greatly.

At its essence, “beatability” is simply a measure of the house edge present in any particular game, and if it is positive, then you can’t really beat it in the long run. A smart gambler, however, can find additional ways to get value out of their play, such as signup bonuses and casino VIP programs.

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