Casino Bankroll Management

Despite the fact that most casino games include a house edge that ensures the casino will take their profit over time, using casino bankroll management strategy has several very good benefits.  These include extending your bankroll for longer enjoyment, accumulating comps and rebates, clearing bonuses in online casinos, and giving yourself a better shot at hitting large jackpots and payouts.  Finally, some casino games are actually beatable with proper game strategy and bankroll management.

Beating the Casino

Some games such as sports betting, blackjack and video poker can be beaten long term with solid handicapping and strategy.  The edges are very small however, so losing streaks can be quite long.  Managing your casino bankroll becomes very important in this situation.

Even when games have an irrefutable house edge, making the smart bets can lower the house edge to a point that when casino comps, bonuses or VIP rewards are figured in, the player can stand to see a profit at the end of the day.

Finally, even games that have a house edge that is too large to overcome, will often have jackpots or large payouts that drive the action.  A smart gambler will manage his bankroll and make the best bets on that game to give him more shots at the big payoff.

Having fun? Priceless!

We have all heard the advertising from MasterCard.  Whether you are going to Vegas or holding your breath while playing a slots tournament online, the thrill and excitement of gaming is undeniable.  It is not so fun when you lose amounts of money that you can’t afford, however.  Casino game bankroll management techniques you find on this site, as well as smart bet tips will help minimize losses.  In the end, if you enjoy the experience and the price was within your budget, it is no different than spending money on other hobbies.

Our goal with this section of is to provide realistic house edges on your favorite casino games, give you an idea as to whether or not the game is beatable, and show you the best and worst bets available.  We will also link to reputable online casinos, with provide extra value with their VIP programs, comps and bonuses.  These “extras” can be huge, so choose well!  Start by selecting your favorite game below.