3 Free Poker Programs that Every Player Should Have

Poker players – real poker players – are an analytical group of people.  It’s not just about the money; it’s about finding winning strategies that crush other players. There are a lot of poker programs out there to help players improve their game.  These programs help you put your opponent on a range, figure out […]

Standard vs. Turbo Sit n Go’s

Sit ‘N Goes are a great way to build your poker bankroll. Once you learn proper strategy you can play 10, 20 or even more at once with a minimal ROI (Return on Investment) loss.  You’d go broke pretty quickly if you tried doing that with 6-max no limit tables. There are two basic types […]

4 Poker Myths that are Costing you Money

There’s a lot of superstition in poker.  A quick search in any forum will turn up posts like: I always lose with pocket Queens. Or I never win on site X.  These myths are obviously ridiculous and smart players will dismiss them as losing players making excuses for why they lose.  But there are some […]

Play at Online Casinos with No Risk

Online casinos give players the option to play on games that they can fit into their budget. This is great for all players, starting from those working with a nonexistent budget and going up to the high rollers. Many players want to log in to an online casino account and enjoy playing games that have […]

Statistics Tracking for Pro Poker Players

Even casual players know that it helps to keep stats on your opponents.  I’d say that every serious player has software like Hold’em Manager or PokerTracker3 for that purpose.  But professional poker players have to go beyond keeping track of their opponents.  They have to keep track of themselves and the trends of the online […]

Scheduling your Playing Time

How many of you have heard the song that starts:             I wake up every evening             With a big smile on my face             And it never feels out of place.               You’re still probably working             At a 9 to 5 pace             Wonder how bad that tastes.   It’s easy to […]

The Importance of Rakeback

Rakeback is free money…sort of.  When you play poker, the poker room takes a rake in the form of an entry fee in the case of tournaments or a percentage of the pot in the case of cash games.  The rake is the cost of doing business at the poker table, but you can get […]

Tax Considerations for the Professional Poker Player

Disclaimer: The author of this article is not an attorney or a tax professional. The advice given may not apply to your particular situation. Please seek the help of a tax attorney or CPA to determine how you should report your poker winnings and what deductions you should use. Tax time can be confusing for […]

Game Selection for Online Poker Professionals

You can play at any available table when you’re just playing for fun, but it’s a different story when you have bills to pay, and are counting on poker income to keep a roof over your head. Proper game selection can drastically increase your win rate and could mean the difference between eating steak and […]

Other Income Streams for Pro Poker Players

It’s great to be a professional poker player. Not many people can say that they do what they love for a living. But there are disadvantages too. Even the best poker players have downswings and it helps to have alternate sources of income to smooth out the bumps when you get a bad run of […]