3 Free Poker Programs that Every Player Should Have

Poker players – real poker players – are an analytical group of people.  It’s not just about the money; it’s about finding winning strategies that crush other players. There are a lot of poker programs out there to help players improve their game.  These programs help you put your opponent on a range, figure out […]

4 Underused Moves in Tournaments

There’s a lot of money in poker tournaments.  Where else can you win upwards of $5,000 off of an investment of a couple bucks?  The potential to win lots of money from a small investment attracts both the sharks and the donkeys to the virtual felt and for the most part, they use the same […]

When to NOT Continuation Bet

When To Forgo The C-bet C-bet stands for “continuation bet” and it’s one of the most common bluffs in poker. A player will usually make a c-bet when they’ve raised pre-flop to continue their aggression. The trouble with c-bets is that smart opponents usually pick up on it quickly, and know how to defend against […]

Standard vs. Turbo Sit n Go’s

Sit ‘N Goes are a great way to build your poker bankroll. Once you learn proper strategy you can play 10, 20 or even more at once with a minimal ROI (Return on Investment) loss.  You’d go broke pretty quickly if you tried doing that with 6-max no limit tables. There are two basic types […]

Why Pocket Jacks are Costing You Money

When you look at your hole cards and see pocket Jacks, it almost looks like they’re laughing at you.  Jacks are a tricky hand to play because they have all the beauty of a face card with most of the limitations of a hand like pocket nines or tens.  While this hand isn’t losing you […]

4 Poker Myths that are Costing you Money

There’s a lot of superstition in poker.  A quick search in any forum will turn up posts like: I always lose with pocket Queens. Or I never win on site X.  These myths are obviously ridiculous and smart players will dismiss them as losing players making excuses for why they lose.  But there are some […]

Limit vs. No Limit

When I started playing online poker eight years ago, most newbies were in the limit Hold’em rooms.  No-limit was seen as an “experts only” area.  For me, the thought of losing my entire stack in one hand was terrifying.  But one day I swallowed my fear and gave no-limit a try.  I knew within the […]

Statistics Tracking for Pro Poker Players

Even casual players know that it helps to keep stats on your opponents.  I’d say that every serious player has software like Hold’em Manager or PokerTracker3 for that purpose.  But professional poker players have to go beyond keeping track of their opponents.  They have to keep track of themselves and the trends of the online […]

Scheduling your Playing Time

How many of you have heard the song that starts:             I wake up every evening             With a big smile on my face             And it never feels out of place.               You’re still probably working             At a 9 to 5 pace             Wonder how bad that tastes.   It’s easy to […]

Required Reading for Power Poker Players

Nobody’s born into poker.  We all have to try hard to become better players.  But learning from scratch isn’t easy.  Fortunately, it’s also unnecessary.  There are plenty of great players out there who put their wealth of knowledge into books to help us become better players.  You’ll still have to practice, of course, but these […]