MLB Season Offers Wealth of Betting Possibilities

Today marks one of the most exciting days on the sports calendar: MLB Opening Day. Baseball betting is extremely popular among casual bettors hoping to spice up the games as well as serious handicappers chasing huge profits over the course of the season. No matter what your motivations, you can greatly benefit by studying some […]

A Look At Amazing Underdog VCU’s NCAA Tournament Run

If you’re into college basketball betting or simply enjoy watching the games, you’ve undoubtedly been following the Final Four run of Virginia Commonwealth. But just how improbable has it been? So much so that it should have ended before it started, in fact. The VCU Rams had lost the final of their conference tournament to […]

My Picks for a First Round NCAA Bracket Upset

As we’re all filling out our NCAA Tournament brackets in the days leading up to the beginning of March Madness, it’s natural to wonder about the best picks for a major upset. After all, it’s no fun picking all of the favorites to advance to the later rounds; the thrill and magic of the tournament […]

Getting Ready for March Madness

In my last post I covered betting on the Kentucky Derby, something that might not be part of your regular sports betting, but today I’ll go over one that’s most likely already on your radar. If you’re keeping up with the calendar and see that February is nearing its end, you might already see where […]

Craving a New Sports Betting Challenge? Tackle the Kentucky Derby!

What’s the most exciting two minutes in all of sports? Different fans likely would have a wide variety of answers, but for a huge percentage of people in the US, it’s the biggest event in horse racing, the Kentucky Derby. The first leg of the United States Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, the Kentucky Derby […]

It’s Super Bowl Sunday: Which Bets to Place?

The biggest day in U.S. sports, Super Bowl Sunday, is upon us, and in addition to being one of the most exciting games of the year, it’s also the most popular for sports betting. Each and every season, millions of people decide to make a sweet game just a little sweeter by putting a little […]

Tips for Betting on the NFL Playoffs

As the regular season has come to a close, millions of sports fans currently have one thing on their minds: the NFL playoffs. From Michael Vicks’ brilliant return to the surprising Kansas City Chiefs to even the 7-9 Seahawks squeaking in to the show, there is no shortage of exciting storylines. More importantly for the […]