Why Limit Holdem Is My Favorite Form of Poker

Texas hold’em is by far the most popular form of poker in both brick and mortar and online casinos, but just about everyone is talking about No Limit. While I do agree that it’s very exciting, I personally prefer limit poker as my everyday game. Today I’m going to elaborate a little on what draws me to it. I think a lot of players who get frustrated by NL would be smart to give limit a try on a regular basis. Contrary to what you might think, the profits in limit can be just as large.

Some people, usually the ego-driven players who take all-in bets like personal challenges, think that fixed betting automatically makes limit less skillful. But that’s far from the truth if you’ve ever seriously played the game.

Sure, you won’t be taking another player’s stack in one fell swoop, but that isn’t what the game is about. Limit is a game where you must always be alert and squeeze value out of every situation you have an edge. You’re not going to be able to rely on one big win to make up for an otherwise mediocre session. On the other hand, when your opponents hit their longshot draws, you will only lose a few bets and it will be much less agonizing an experience. With limit, you push hard when you have an edge in equity, simple as that. It’s not about making awkward psychological decisions or getting tilted when a fish draws out on you for 200BB.

I became fascinated when I became aware of the complex strategy in limit. The expert limit player knows how to extract extra bets on all streets, and comprehends why every single move he or she makes is important. In every variety of poker, the long run is what matters, but it’s much easier to see this fact in a game like limit. Limit players squeeze value out of tons of different situations. Working to sneak in a check/raise to get an extra bet on the turn. Playing a hand perfectly in order to extract another value bet on the river. Knowing when the odds aren’t right and folding the flop, saving bets that are just as valuable as those won.

The NL player might look this and say something like “Who cares? Sure, you win an extra $1 here and there; I’m winning stacks!” But this simplistic thinking doesn’t tell the whole story. A major reason I like limit is because each and every decision is important. Each individual choice does only mean one bet, but they add up much quicker. If I’m playing four tables of limit or more, they will add up extremely fast. This means that if you’re playing optimally, you have the potential for huge profits in a short amount of time. Although I enjoy all forms of poker, these reasons make limit my favorite.

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