Poker Rakeback

What is Poker Rakeback?

At the poker table, the house takes a few quarters or dollars from every pot.  This is called the rake.  It is how the casino makes money from the poker tables.  Rakeback, then, is simply the player being given a rake rebate.  Some money back, based on how much rake he or she contributed to the casino’s purse.  High limit and high volume poker players can pay thousands of dollars in rake each month, resulting in thousands of dollars back in the form of rakeback.  A high volume player could have a break even month at the tables, yet still carry home several thousand dollars cash when the rakeback bonus is paid out.  Even for lower volume players, that rakeback bonus can result in a nice bottom line boost for their recreational play, and give a cushion for players who are just learning the game.

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Our Favorite Rakeback Offers

Site Rakeback Details
Cake Poker Cake Poker US Friendly 33% Earn 33% rakeback at Cake Poker as well as 110% bonus match on your first deposit, up to $600 free.