Bankroll Management for Sit N Go Tournaments

Sit n go tournaments are a great way to play exciting poker without excessive variance or a huge bankroll. Even the very best players won’t win every sit n go they enter, but since you are only playing against one table of opponents, you always have a decent shot of finishing in the money. Sit n go tournaments, especially at the lower levels, attract a lot of beginners looking to get maximum enjoyment out of a small buy-in and loose players that don’t have the patience for cash games. Players who understand concepts like blind/stack ratios, changing gears in different stages of the tournament and shorthanded play will have a significant advantage over the majority of lower stakes players. As you move up to the medium and high stakes, however, you will encounter better opposition and the variance will be slightly higher since you won’t have as big of an edge.

The variance of sit n go tournaments also depends on your tournament mindset and style of play. Some players are mostly concerned with cashing, and will play more conservatively around the bubble in order to give themselves the best chance to ensure a payday. Other players are focused on winning the tournament, and will take more risks in order to give them the best chance to finish first. The second player type will encounter more variance, since these players will sometimes bust out when they could have played fewer hands and possibly taken third or second, but should also win more tournaments.

Sit n go tournaments are one of the most popular forms of poker, so you should have no problem finding a variety of games wherever you look. Take a look below at some of our suggestions.

Safe Bankroll for Sit N Go Tournaments

You should have a bankroll of at least 30x the buy-in of the Sit N Go level you wish to play. Remember to factor the tournament fee in with your calculations. If you are playing $5+$.50 buy-ins, for example, then you will need a bankroll of $165. If you are a beginning player, it is advised to keep a slightly larger bankroll.

Keep in mind that this advice is for single table sit n go tournaments. If you are playing in multi table sit n gos, you will need a bigger bankroll, probably 50x-75x the buy-in depending on the number of players.

Bankroll Required to Move Up in Sit N Go Tournaments

You can safely move up to a higher level anytime your bankroll reaches the 30x guideline. Since the game is lower variance, there is some flexibility and an aggressive player can “take a shot” at a higher level in an attempt to move up permanently. If you are grinding $5+$.50 buy-ins, for example, and you are winning, you can play a $10+$1 if you have about $250 in your bankroll, even though this only slightly higher than 20x the buy-in. You must be disciplined, however, and move back down to your previous level if you lose a couple in a row. If you think you might be the type of player that won’t be able to handle it mentally if you fail to beat the higher level, then you should wait until you have 30x the buy-in to move up. If you are a medium to high stakes player, you also should wait until you reach 30x the buy-in, because of the tougher fields.

Bankroll Required to Move Down in Sit N Go Tournaments

You should must move down if you find yourself below 15x the buy-in for your current level. A $5+$.50 player should drop a level if he finds himself with $80 or less. You don’t want to be putting too significant of a percentage of your total bankroll on the table at any given time, because a couple of unlucky losses could put you in serious jeopardy. At the lowest micro stakes, you can relax this requirement a little.

When to Cash Out Bankroll Earnings

It is fine to cash out any amount that gives you 30x the buy-in of the level you wish to play. Again, at the lowest micro stakes, the game’s lower variance gives you the flexibility to drop a little below if you need to. Just be aware that you will need to move down a level if you encounter a losing streak.

In conclusion, sit n go tournaments offer a good opportunity for success, especially at the lowest stakes where there are a lot of inexperienced opponents. Sit n go tournaments are the preferred game for many players trying to build up a smaller bankroll.