Help Yourself Out by Starting a New Table

I briefly discussed this strategy a little while back in a poker table selection blog post, but it’s been so successful for me lately that I just have to cover it in a more detail. I’m talking about starting a new table when playing online cash games, and this seemingly inconsequential strategy has singlehandedly lead to big profits. I’ve been using it with limit holdem games on Full Tilt Poker, but the principle can most likely be applied to any other poker site with significant traffic.

How Does It Help You?

It’s simple really. When you’re sitting down to play, there will be a set number of tables running for your particular stakes. Often, especially during busy hours, there are several players occupying spots on the waiting lists. But instead of taking your spot in line, there is an option to sit down at a new table to start the action (see below):


Once you’re at the new table, you usually don’t have to wait long for someone else to join you, and you typically play heads-up for a few hands before the rest of the seats start to fill up.

In addition to allowing you play without having to wait on a waiting list, this strategy usually leads to an ideal table composition. The players who decide to wait on waiting lists naturally have some patience, and this means they are more likely to be tighter, solid players. This also means that even if you see a large average pot size for those tables, the aggressive players who made it that way will likely be long gone by the time your spot is called.

On the other hand, by starting your own table, you’ll naturally attract players with a little less patience who are simply looking to gamble. These guys won’t ever add their name to a waiting list, and will simply move to another game if they don’t see any open tables. I’ve been amazed recently by the incredibly loose players that have found their way to the tables I’ve started, and it’s done wonders for building my bankroll.

Is This a Type of Bum Hunting?

Some people call deliberately hunting down weak opponents unethical. But this isn’t anything like what they’re criticizing. Bum hunting is a term typically used in heads up games, where a grinder only plays against very weak opponents and leaves the table if another reg sits down. In our case, we’re not hunting down bad players at all, and it’s not like we’re going to stand up if a few good players join our table. We’re just being active and letting the other players follow our lead. It just so happens that fish enjoy it when you make it easy for them like this…

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