Sports Betting Bankroll Management

Sports Betting, like poker, is another gaming activity that has a very good chance of showing a positive profit over the long term, if the sports bettor is willing to put in the time required to gain their edge. There are many professional sports bettors who make their living in Vegas, and with the gaining popularity of online sports betting sites, a pro sports bettor (or better) can ply his trade and pay his bills without ever having to leave the house.

The most important attribute to a successful sports gambler is his ability to focus his energy at becoming an expert in a few teams or groups of teams (such as the Southeastern Conference of College Football). By doing so, he is able to make better judgments than regular public, as to the outcomes of games involving those teams and can find those elusive edges that will eventually pay his bills over time. The pros do not bet every game. They only bet the games where their handicapping shows that the lines being offered by a sports book are not equal to the true odds for that contest. These inequalities are where the pro sports gambler gets his edge.

As you may have guessed, the second most important aspect of making a living at sports betting, is sports betting bankroll management. The pro’s discipline and ability to not bet his whole bankroll or even a significant portion of his bankroll on any one contest, keeps him afloat during the downswings. Generally speaking, a pro will not bet more than 2% of his bankroll on any one event. Making the small bets is similar to diversifying your portfolio in the stock market. No one bet should ever make you or break you.

Each sport has a betting structure and quirks that will set it apart from other sports. We have compiled a list of the most popular and actively wagered sports. Each article will help you get started, and understand the basic sports betting structures and strategies for your favorite sport. With a little disciplined bankroll management, a lot of study to find your edges and a bit of luck, sports betting can earn a solid living for the pro and a nice side income for the casual bettor who does his homework. At the very least, it will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch the games that you have wagered on!