Boxing Betting Bankroll Management

Boxing matches are among the most exciting events for a sports bettor to watch, and you should find plenty of fights to bet on at most larger casinos. Since boxing doesn’t use traditional point scoring like team sports, you only have the option to bet on the money line.  Sports bettors who wager on mixed martial arts will find some similarities with boxing.  The two boxers in a particular fight are each given different odds based on their likelihood of winning. Take the following (hypothetical) example to demonstrate:

Floyd Mayweather    -170
Manny Pacquiao       +140

Indicated by the minus number, Mayweather is the favorite. You would have to put up $17 for the chance to win $10 (total return of $26). Pacquiao is the underdog, and you would win $14 from a $10 wager (return of $24). Many bouts involve very lopsided fighters, so you will often see 10 to 1 favorites or more and very significant underdogs.

You will sometimes encounter additional bets to accompany the straight up wagers. There is usually a total rounds bet that is a close relative to the total points bet offered for most team sports. This bet is an over under proposition and you pick whether you think it the actual number of rounds will be higher or lower than the one posted by the casino. You may also see a chance to bet that a fight will end in a knockout or that it will end as a draw. With all of these wagers, you take different money line odds based on the particular fight.

With boxing money line bets, the casino enjoys an edge because of the payout odds that it sets. The house expertly posts a slightly different line than the “true” odds it has calculated for each fight, ensuring a profit if there is equal betting on both fighters. If a lopsided amount of bets go to one boxer, the casino will adjust its line as the fight approaches. While the casino wins on the fight as a whole, you can have a large advantage over the rest of the betting public by possessing superior knowledge and specializing.

Bankroll Suggestions for Boxing
Boxing betting can be a great way to get maximum enjoyment out of your money since all you have to do it place one wager for extended action and excitement. If you’re a recreational bettor looking to add something extra to the upcoming big fight, you can safely bet on boxing with a very small bankroll. But if you are seeking big long term profits, you need to exercise strict bankroll management.

If you want to become a long-term boxing bettor, you should never risk more than 2% of your bankroll on one fight. This means that if you set aside $500 for boxing betting, you should wager $10 on individual bouts. You must err on the side of caution because over the course of many fights you will go through prolonged losing streaks. This variance is unavoidable, so you need to be sure your bankroll is large enough to survive these periods of bad luck. This also gives you the flexibility to bet on significant underdogs if you find an edge on the line.

Boxing Betting Tips to Grow Your Bankroll
In order to successfully profit from boxing betting, you need to understand how the casino line is determined. The house edge comes from a line that attracts equal betting on both sides. Because of this, the casino is constantly readjusting the payout odds on boxing money line bets as the fight approaches based on the bets that have already been made. This means that you can enjoy a large edge if you have more knowledge than the general betting public. By doing your homework, you can find fights where the lines have been “inflated” or “deflated” by previous action, making them profitable for you.

Serious boxing bettors are constantly studying news, rumors, previews and analysis. The more information you have, the bigger your edge will be over the recreational betting public. It can also pay to specialize in a particular weight division. Finally, be sure that you objectively evaluate all available lines, since your edge might come in a small, less publicized fight than the huge bout coming up in Vegas.

Because there are many lopsided boxing lines out there, it may seem tempting to bet underdogs in a low risk high reward type of proposition. Be careful, though, as you’ll most likely have to wait a very long time to win even one of these risky bets. Stay away unless you have very good information on the particular fighters and don’t let the thought of a big payday cloud your good judgment.

You should always look for a brick and mortar or a trusted online sports book that offers signup bonuses and other VIP deals, since these incentives can add a significant amount to your boxing profits.