Football Betting Bankroll Management

Football, both NFL and NCAA college football, is the most popular betting sport in the casino and with superior knowledge and smart betting you can enjoy an edge over the house. Football is most commonly wagered on point spread bets, which means that you pick a game based both on the teams involved and the “spread”—a carefully chosen number of points that serves to even the playing field.

As an example, let’s say the favorite New Orleans Saints are playing the underdog Chicago Bears with a point spread of 6 points. (You will often see a -6 next to the Saints and a +6 next to the Bears to express this.) The favorite must win by more than the point spread for those bets to win, while the underdog can either win or lose by less than the point spread. If you bet on the Saints and they win by a score of 28-21, they are said to have “covered the spread” and you win. A 28-24 Saints victory, however, would result in a losing bet since they only won by 4 points. If you bet on the Bears in the same situation, however, you win your bet even though your team lost the game. With a point spread bet, the casino almost always pays out at 10 to 11, which means that you have to wager $11 in order to win $10 (collecting a total of $21).

There are also different types of football bets you can make in addition to point spread. You will often have the option to make a “money line” bet, a wager that your team will win without any consideration of the score. Instead of a standard 10 to 11, money line bets offer different payout odds for the favorite and the underdog. Another popular football bet is on the point total, also referred to as the over/under. With this bet, you guess whether the two teams’ combined score will be higher or lower than a number that the casino lists. If you are correct, you are paid off at the same 10 to 11 ratio as with point spread betting.

In football betting, the casino advantage comes from the payout structure. In a standard point spread bet, you only are paid at 10 to 11 on what is theoretically an even proposition. The small commission that the house takes is commonly referred to as the vig. Because of this, the house edge builds up in the long run as long as there is equal action on both sides. To ensure that this is the case, the casino will adjust the point spread as the game approaches based on how many people have bet on each team.

Bankroll Suggestions for Football
Compared to many other games in the casino, football betting offers one of the greatest entertainment values for your buck and you can casually bet with a smaller bankroll in relation to the size of your bet. An NFL game lasts over three hours, and you get action and excitement during that whole period for just one wager.

On the other side of things, a serious football bettor needs to exercise much more caution. The casino’s commission on point spread bets adds up in the long run, and in order to beat it you need to achieve a win-rate of at least 52.4% Changing the size of your bets actually increases the percentage of bets you must win to show a profit. Long term sports bettors never bet more than 2% of their total bankroll at one time.

If you strive to become a professional football bettor, your bankroll will be determined by your winning percentage and the amount of money you want to make. A highly skilled bettor looking for a yearly salary of 50k or more will need a very high winning percentage and a bankroll of 50k. Understand that to reach this level you must invest a huge amount of time researching every aspect of football teams, players and conditions.

Football Betting Tips to Grow Your Bankroll
In football point spread betting, the casino adjusts the line in order to encourage even betting on both sides. If a spread of 4 points results in more bets on the underdog, for example, the house will decrease it. If you have more information than the general betting public, you can use it to your advantage and identify when a line has been inflated by others’ action, giving you an edge.

In order to become a successful football bettor, you must learn an incredible amount about the game by studying news, rumors, injury reports, game conditions and other factors. It also pays to specialize in a particular NFL division or college football conference. If you know more about the AFC West than 99% of the general betting public, you will be able to find betting lines where you have an edge. Don’t pick your favorite teams, because holding any sort of loyalty will cloud your judgment and be detrimental to your success. Be sure to hunt down a casino that offers VIP programs and online bonuses, as these factors add significant value to your football betting.

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