Getting Ready for March Madness

In my last post I covered betting on the Kentucky Derby, something that might not be part of your regular sports betting, but today I’ll go over one that’s most likely already on your radar.

If you’re keeping up with the calendar and see that February is nearing its end, you might already see where I’m going with this: March Madness of course!

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship is quite simply the most exciting tournament in all of sports for anyone who has any level of interest in basketball. First of all, it’s single elimination, so every game will be someone’s last of the season. For many college seniors, it will be the last time they ever play the game on such a competitive stage, so the emotional stakes couldn’t’ be higher. Most college teams have storied rivalries with other schools, and the players’ amateur status gives them a drive and desire that’s much more pure than any professional championship.

For all of these reasons and more, you’ll certainly want to tune in to March Madness. And with 68 teams in the field for the first time in 2011, there are a staggering amount of bets you can place. From office pools to friendly wagers among friends to serious bets online or at the local casino, it’s one of the most popular betting events of the year.

This can be a major advantage for the savvy sports bettor who is willing to put in the time to research the teams involved. A large number of people hold supreme loyalty to their favorite schools and will bet on them no matter what the odds. This action will have an influence on the line posted by the casino, and if you work hard to seek out edges, you should be able to find them. On the other hand, however, a significant population of serious sports bettors will also be placing their wagers for this very reason, so you can’t believe it will be an easy process.

Hopefully you already have “specialized” by watching a particular conference or group of teams more than the others. For most of us, this is simple, as we naturally watch our local team regularly. In order to be able to spot the edges in the betting lines, you’ll need to know much more about those teams than the regular public, so be sure to do your homework.

If there’s one factor that can kill your success in March Madness betting it’s loyalty, since betting a favorite team regardless of the odds is a recipe for disaster. This can be problematic, because of the intense relationship many of us have with our hometown team or alma mater. It might even be a good idea to avoid betting on that team if you think your feelings will sway your actions.

But on the other hand, if you’re only looking to spice up the action with some wagering, then go right ahead and bet for your favorite team! The atmosphere that surrounds March Madness just can’t be beat.


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