It’s Super Bowl Sunday: Which Bets to Place?

The biggest day in U.S. sports, Super Bowl Sunday, is upon us, and in addition to being one of the most exciting games of the year, it’s also the most popular for sports betting. Each and every season, millions of people decide to make a sweet game just a little sweeter by putting a little money on their favorite team.

With the Super Bowl’s staggering popularity and viewership, the online sportsbooks wisely offer an incredible variety of wagers so that bettors can find action for just about anything they could ever dream up.

One of the biggest betting sites,, offers literally hundreds of different wagers on the game in different categories, both traditional and prop bets. You obviously can bet on the team of your choice, both straight up or with a point spread, but this is only the beginning. Some popular bets that have very little to do with the outcome of the game include wagering on the result of the coin toss, the team to have the most punts in the game or the length of the first field goal. You can also bet on a multitude of 1v1 matchups, for example whether Aaron Rodgers or Ben Roethlisberger will throw for more yards.

Since the Super Bowl atmosphere in general is already crazy and festival-like, bettors often have the tendency to opt for some of these more exotic bets. But as we have explained in many of our other posts, these almost invariably come with a much higher house edge.

The average fan in general has a pretty good idea of how good the teams are, so they can wager much more intelligently on the basic point spread and moneyline bets. But when bets are so unorthodox and correspond to completely inconsequential statistics, it becomes much more difficult to determine their likelihood. A bet like how many points will be scored in a particular quarter may seem tempting because it sounds like it would be easy enough to guess a general range. But the oddsmakers always make sure they are one step ahead of the betting public and make these lines so they have a significant advantage. You need to win about 52% of your bets taking straight up wagers, but if you start betting on props, that required percentage shoots up considerably.

If you’re simply wagering to spice up the game with a few friends, then by all means go for one of these exotic propositions. But if the Super Bowl is just another game in what you hope to be a profitable sports betting career, then you must be able to avoid the temptation and stick to bets where the lines give you an advantage. If this means that you don’t bet on the Super Bowl, then so be it.

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