MLB Season Offers Wealth of Betting Possibilities

Today marks one of the most exciting days on the sports calendar: MLB Opening Day. Baseball betting is extremely popular among casual bettors hoping to spice up the games as well as serious handicappers chasing huge profits over the course of the season. No matter what your motivations, you can greatly benefit by studying some of the specifics of baseball bankroll management.

The biggest thing to understand is that baseball scores are much closer than in other sports such as football, and this makes money line (“straight up”) betting the most common wager. One major advantage of baseball betting, especially for recreational bettors, is the fact that the games are much longer than other sports, typically about three hours, which guarantees more entertainment.

In addition to these more standard wagers, there is a staggering variety of proposition bets offered by the major sportsbooks. Baseball is extremely popular for these prop bets due to the sport’s individualistic nature and statistical complexity. For fantasy baseball buffs, you might not be aware of all of the possibilities.

On, for example, you can bet on a particular player to record a hit, blast a home run, or choose between two players for total hits, runs and RBIs. The bet will be yes or no, player 1 or player 2, or over or under depending on the particular bet. As an example, say you saw the following line:

Most Hits, Runs and RBIs

Albert Pujols (Stl)                                             -110

Prince Fielder (Mil)                                          +115

In this bet, you pick which player, Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder, will have a higher total of hits, runs and RBIs during the game. In this example, Pujols is the favorite, paying off at +115, while Fielder is the underdog. (If you need a refresher on what these plus and minus numbers mean, read our baseball bankroll management guide.)

With pitchers, you can bet on the number of total strikeouts for one pitcher, or which of the two starters will record a win or the highest number of strikeouts.

While these proposition bets are more unpredictable, they typically have a higher house edge than the team moneyline wagers. However, if you specialize in a couple of teams, study their players in-depth, and avoid loyalty to your local teams or favorite players, you can still have a huge advantage over the majority of the betting public.

Finally, for those of you who sometimes forget to place your bet and miss the start of the game, Bodog has the perfect solution with its new 5th inning lines, which allow you jump in on in-progress baseball games as long as the scheduled starters are pitching.

With 162 games, it’s a long baseball season, and with all of these different types of bets available, you should certainly be able to keep busy.

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