MMA Betting Bankroll Management

The popularity of mixed martial arts is skyrocketing and betting opportunities at the casino are also growing significantly. MMA betting is a close relative to boxing wagering, with a few small differences. The most popular bets are made on the money line, which is a straight up wager on a particular fighter. Different fights will offer different payout odds. To demonstrate, say you saw this (hypothetical) betting line at your favorite casino:

Fedor Emelianenko -180

Fabricio Werdum +190

In this example, the minus number means that Emelianenko is the favorite. The payout odds mean that you would have to risk $18 for a chance to win $10 (total return of $28). Werdum is the underdog, as indicated by the minus, and a $10 bet would win you $19 (total return of $29). These standard money line bets pay off if your fighter wins by any means. There are a few other possible MMA wagers available that only win under more specific circumstances. You will sometimes have the option to bet for a fighter by knockout win, and there is sometimes a bet for a win by submission, both accompanied by money line odds. If you pick either of these and your fighter wins in that manner, you win and are paid off at whatever odds were offered. Since these outcomes are more specific than the straight up bet, these bets are riskier but pay off at higher amounts.

The house edge in MMA betting comes from the lines set by the casino. There is always a small difference between the “true” odds calculated by the casino and the line offered to the public. This difference ensures that the casino will profit as long as there is equal action on both sides. In order to achieve this, the house will adjust its line as each particular fight approaches.

Bankroll Suggestions for MMA

MMA betting provides plenty of bang for your buck, since you are treated to a whole fight’s worth of action and excitement for the cost of just one small bet. A casual bettor can get by on a very small bankroll. On the other hand, if your goal is to make serious profits off of your MMA expertise, you need to be very careful with your bankroll management.

The general rule of thumb for MMA betting bankroll management is never to bet more than 2% of your bankroll. This means that if you set aside $500 for your MMA betting, you should bet $10 on specific fights. You must be conservative because you will unavoidably run into long losing streaks over the course of many fights, so you need to be able to absorb these unlucky periods. This guideline also gives you flexibility to wager on big underdogs if you conclude that you have an edge on the offered line.

MMA Betting Tips to Grow Your Bankroll

To become a big winner at MMA betting, you need to understand how the lines are calculated. The casino profits from a line that encourages equal betting on both sides. If this is not happening for a particular fight, and more people bet on one fighter, the casino will adjust the odds to even things out. If you have more knowledge than the rest of the betting public, you will be able to find large edges on fights that have been affected by previous betting and now feature “inflated” or “deflated” lines.

To ensure that you have all the knowledge you need, you need to be glued to your favorite MMA website or another source for MMA news, rumors, profiles, fight previews and analysis. The more information that you accumulate means that much more of an edge over the rest of the betting public, resulting in much higher potential profits.

MMA is one of the most profitable sports to bet on due to its relatively new status in the casino. Even though it has experienced a huge surge in popularity, the casino’s effort put into the oddsmaking have not caught up. They invest much more energy and research into the mainstream sports like football and basketball than they do for MMA. That means that an MMA buff will often be able to spot larger edges easier and more frequently, and his potential winnings should be much bigger than an NFL expert with comparable knowledge.

Before you start investigating the lines, though, be sure that you pick a sports book that offers signup bonuses and other VIP promotions, because these factors can add lots of value to your MMA betting profits.