Soccer Betting Bankroll Management

Soccer reigns supreme as the most popular global sport, and with dozens of different leagues and tournaments, it’s easy to find plenty of betting action. Soccer betting is typically done on the money line, meaning there is no point spread and you instead take different odds based on the team you select. There is one peculiarity in soccer, however: games frequently end as ties so you are able to bet on this outcome. Say you see the following line:

Manchester United   -170
Draw      +150
Aston Villa      +210

The negative number indicates that Manchester United is the favorite, and in order to win $10 you need to risk $17 (total return of $27). Aston Villa is the underdog, and betting $10 would give you $21 (total return $31). If you want to bet on a tie (draw), a $10 bet would win you $15 (total return $25). Ties add a new dimension to the strategy, and you need to need to consider the likelihood that neither team will win.

In evenly matched soccer games, you will even see a line in which both teams are underdogs due to the chances of the match ending in a draw. This is a line you could never see in other sports but it is quite commonplace in soccer.

With money line betting, the casino is constantly evaluating and readjusting the lines to ensure that it enjoys an advantage. The line that you see posted is slightly different from the “true” odds that the oddsmakers have calculated, and that difference makes up the house edge. The winning percentage that you need to keep up to win in the long run against the house changes based on the money line odds that you are taking, but a comprehensive knowledge of soccer is the only way you can win in the long run.

In addition to the standard money line bets, you will encounter a few additional soccer wagers that you can make. There is usually an over/under bet on total goals scored that is paid off at 10 to 11 odds. You might even encounter a wager that combines money line and point spread betting by giving odds for each team plus a +0.5 goal line. This sounds complicated but all it means is that you win your bet if your team wins or ties the game. Since this will occur frequently, you will typically need to risk a larger amount.

Bankroll Suggestions for Soccer
Soccer betting can be one of the most enjoyable bets in the casino, as all you have to do is place one simple bet for a couple hours of action and excitement. Compare that to say, horse race wagers, where you can make your bet and see the results within minutes.  A casual bettor looking to spice up the games can comfortably bet soccer with a very small bankroll. If, on the other hand, you are looking to bet seriously over the course of the season and win as much money as you can, you need to practice very strict bankroll management.

Serious soccer bettors never bet more than 2% of their total bankroll at one time. This means that if you set aside $500 for soccer betting, you should bet $10 on single games. You must be conservative because over the course of a long season it is inevitable that you will encounter long losing streaks. You need to be sure that your bankroll is large enough to be able to withstand these periods of bad luck.

Despite a variety of betting options, the only thing that can consistently beat the house in soccer betting is a comprehensive knowledge of the game, teams and players that allow you to objectively evaluate the different lines and bet those that are the most profitable.

Soccer Betting Tips to Grow Your Bankroll
The key to winning at soccer betting is to learn how the casino thinks. First, you need to understand that the house is constantly adjusting the line as the game approaches in response to the wagers being made by other bettors. If the current money line odds result in an unbalanced amount of bets on one side, they will change the payout odds in order to even it out. The house will always have an edge on the game as a whole, but if you have more knowledge than the rest of the betting public, you can enjoy a very generous advantage. Your knowledge will allow you to identify when a line has been “inflated” or “deflated” by previous action.

In order to become a successful soccer bettor, you need to invest plenty of time and energy. Professionals are constantly studying news, rumors, transfers, injuries, game conditions and more in order to give them their edge. It also pays to specialize in one particular league, country or tournament. If you specialize in the Italian Serie A, for example, and know more about that league than almost everyone else, you’ll have a larger edge over casual bettors who bet games across several leagues as well as die-hard fans who always pick their favorite team regardless of the odds. Also be sure to avoid holding any loyalties to your favorite squads, because this can prove disastrous to your bankroll.

Since soccer teams play in a wide variety of competitions—domestic leagues and European tournaments, for example—you should pay close attention to their overall schedules and motivations. If Manchester United is playing Real Madrid in the Champions League next Wednesday, for example, they may send out their second string team for their weekend English Premier League match against Bolton.

Finally, be sure to pick an online or land based casino that offers VIP programs and signup bonuses, because these factors can add significant value to your soccer betting profits.

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