Blackjack: The Least Profitable Game for Casinos


When it comes to casinos and especially Las Vegas the first game that is likely to come into your head is Blackjack (unless you are past the age of retirement and then it will be slots). Blackjack is seen as the ultimate game of chance, with a twist, everyone knows it is possible to actually beat the game but few actually do. There have even been movies released about the game with has further fuelled the flames of popularity for the game of 21 but how has this effected the popularity of it?

Surprisingly, table games, and in particular Blackjack, are on a gradual decline in Las Vegas. People are still playing the game in their droves though, you’ve got online blackjack to thank for that. But actually inside the casino the stats make for grim viewing.

Despite blackjack tables accounting for more than half of the table games within casinos, they take just a third of the revenue. Compare this to Baccarat for example, which takes up just 12% of the space on the casino floor but rakes in a staggering 37% of the overall revenue, you can see why Blackjack is on its way out.

So see the figures in full, take a look at the infographic below.

Vegas Infographic