Playing slots for real money


A friend just came back from a big slots player gathering. Yes, slots players actually have gathering where they all get together to play slots and discuss their favorite games and strategies. Now, this gathering was actually one of live casino slots players and they met in Las Vegas to play the slots games there. I’ve been told that most of them were not really in favor of playing slots online, though I don’t understand their objection to online slots. In fact, if you’re going to play slots for real money, there are advantages to playing online on a mobile casino. Some of them are money advantages.

First for me there’s the basic advantage that I’m not playing sitting beside someone who smokes or who had a bad cold and keeps coughing. I was sick for a week after the last gambling cruise because everyone passed their cold around. Playing on my computer means I control my environment. So there’s that. Okay, I will give live casinos a little win if they provide free beverages on the casino floor.

Online I have more choice of games and never have to worry that someone is playing my favorite game. Also, I really get to set my own stakes. This is very different from the casino floor where a popular game may always be busy and sometimes the game I want to play may not be available at a lower stake or higher stake, depending on my bankroll that night. At home, I’m in control.

No gas cost. I’m already home. No costs for a hotel room. I already live here.  And while I have to do my own cooking, food costs are less than eating out. Though I will admit that if someone plays often enough, they can get free rooms and meals from the casino. Sometimes even free transportation. If I could consistently play at that level, I’d probably play at the live casino more often. But for those of us who don’t, online is a better value.

And the odds are better. Which is something many live casino slots players don’t realize. Slots are expected to be the big money maker for the casino, and the odds are completely in the casino’s control. But online casinos really have to compete for players since it so easy for players to jump from one online casino to another. For this reason, they often have better odds on their slot games.

If you haven’t tried online slots, you owe to yourself to check out an online casino – at least for a free play account. Which is another advantage over Vegas. Online they will let you play completely for free. Vegas keeps wanting me to put money in the slot machines.