No Download Slots


Some people don’t like downloading online casino software for a variety of reasons. Though software from a reputable casino and respected gambling software developer is safe, people are weary about downloading anything from a company they don’t know. In addition, anything you download on your computer will take up space. Casino software generally isn’t a very large file, but if you have an old computer or one that is slow for other reasons, downloading it may take too long or take up more room than you want to devote to an online casino. Portability is another problem. If you download casino software on your home computer you can’t play it anywhere else.

That is why no download slots are so popular. Over the last several years, many UK Slot Sites have decided to carry a version of their software that does not require a download. Using streaming software, such as Flash, players can play the casino game directly from their Internet browser without ever downloading anything to the computer.

Being able to stream the slot software from your Internet browser has a lot of advantages. You don’t need to use space on your computer’s hard drive. You don’t need to worry about your firewall blocking the download. The software is completely portable. That means you can log onto the online casino from any computer and start playing instantly.

Aside from the instant access of the streaming slots games in your Web browser, the game is the same as the download version. The online slot will have the same rules, pay tables, payouts, bonuses and more.

Perhaps the best feature of no download games is if you are unsatisfied with the game. With downloaded casino software, if you decide that you don’t want to play at that casino, you have to uninstall all of the software, which can sometimes be difficult and time consuming. Then you would have to find a different casino with different software and download that. With instant streaming software, you can play right away without downloading anything. If you don’t like the software, simply move on to another casino. No uninstalling is necessary.