What to do about a non-paying Online Casino


While the online casinos have come a long way with regards to providing players with security and have put a lot into offering them a safe environment. Players still want to be careful. The truth is there are many excellent and trustworthy online casinos in the industry and ones which have more than proved themselves as great places to play. However, just as with most things in life, there are a few online casinos which don’t meet the standards they should. Some online casinos can give players a bad experience by offering bad customer support, a less than desirable gaming experience, or even not paying the players the money they are due.

One of the best things an online casino player can do to protect themselves from the non-paying casinos is to do research before joining and depositing money on a new online casino they aren’t familiar with. Also, players should deposit small amounts of money at first. Reading reviews and talking with others is a great way to learn about the untrustworthy online casinos. The good news is they won’t be around very long. The bad news is others will show up in their place. Players should also check the blacklists to make sure an online casino isn’t on it. If a player ends up having trouble with a non-paying online casino here are some of the actions they can take:

The more reputable casinos will be licensed and generally eCOGRA approved. If a player has a problem not receiving their money, they will generally be able to resolve it through eCOGRA.

Another thing the player will want to do is to consistently contact the online casino through all available means of contact. They want the online casino to know they aren’t going away any time soon.

Players will also want to add that online casino to the blacklist. They should do this in order to help ensure that online casino won’t be able to continue doing this to other unsuspecting online casino players.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for an online casino player to get their money back if they were playing on a rogue online casino, but the above options are a great place to start when it comes to making an attempt to collect and helping to set the standards in what is and is not acceptable in the online casino industry.